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Originally Posted by Wingsfan2965 View Post
Good working making claims, failing to back them up, and then getting pissed because somebody called them out.

You started out claiming that Detroit's playoff streak would soon end (Which I can only assume is an absolute truth on account of the fact that it's your opinion) because their prospects aren't that great anymore. (Hint, nobody thought Datsyuk or Zetterberg would be superstars when they hit the league)

Then when I pointed out that somebody outscored Huberdeau in the playoffs, you proceeded to run him down, even though the point was being made that Detroit does still have high-potential prospects.

Then, when I started naming names, you tried to counter by bringing up a guy with quite a decent amount of NHL experience and a goaltending prospect, which means nothing considering Detroit already has a good goaltender in the NHL, and another in the AHL who's currently outperforming Markstrom.

In all seriousness, I respect what Detroit has been able to do over the past decade and a half. A teams luck can only run so far before players just don't pan out the way they hoped. Can these players be good? Absolutely, but I just don't see these players being able to carry the team. It severely hurt Detroit not getting any FAs this year and unless they are able to get some next year it will hurt even more. I just think (yes, my opinion, along with many others) that Huberdeau is going to be a stud. Detroit also has some really good teams in their division to contend with in the coming years. This, of course, depends on any realignment that may happen.

The thing is, is Zetterberg has already started to slow down a little bit and it's not like these players are going into a situation like Datsyuk and Zetterberg did. They went into stacked Detroit teams and learned how to win from the best. With these players coming in in the next few years, Detroit won't be that top team anymore and they may not learn the way those 2 players did (along with Lidstrom)

We'll see how they do, but it is of MY opinion, they they're going to struggle in the next few years and Florida is going to get better. I can't see the future, of course, but they just don't seem to have the same swagger?(for lack of a better word) than they used to.

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