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12-29-2012, 10:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Street Hawk View Post
Is the buyout rate still going to be 2/3 of the remainder of the contract? Surprised the NHL didn't try to get that lowered to 1/2 or less. To get paid 2/3 of the rest of your contract because you aren't living up to the deal is pathetic IMO.

I'd probably go Ballard over Booth.

If you assume about 60% of the season 48 games will be played, then Ballard is due $8.4 million for the 2 years from 13-15, plus about $2.5 million for a shortened season.

That's $10.9 million. So, the buyout will cost about $7.2 million give or take.
Why is it "pathetic"? If you sign a contract and end up not wanting to honor it, you should have to pay a good portion of it back.

I'd prefer not to buyout anyone at this point.

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