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12-29-2012, 11:25 PM
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Originally Posted by OmniSens View Post
Ordered myself Pizza as well.
I miss Gabriels/ Milanos/ Colonade/ good take-out pizza.

Almost everything over here makes Pizza Pizza taste like a culinary masterpiece. They have Dominos, but if you think Dominos in Canada is gross, just imagine what it tastes like when there's no national agency regulating the quality of ingredients... It tastes like someone decided to store their ingredients in a sewer.

There are a few "premium" pizza joints around, which make good pizza, but none of them can ever get that super-delicious "sweet soft, doughy crust" that Gabriels/ Milanos do so, so well. It's more like they put premium ingredients onto a piece of cardboard. Nobody can get the crust right.

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