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12-29-2012, 11:36 PM
Stanley Foobrick
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Mandatory winter/snow tires.....

Without searching Google I know Quebec has a mandatory law, not sure what other provinces or if any states do, but I know Ontario doesn't.

After doing a fair amount of driving over the past several days I really hope Ontario gets on board.

Couple of examples were the guy in front of me not moving when the light turned green. I was about to honk my horn until I noticed his front wheels turning from left to right. His G6 was trying to go, but his all seasons were giving him zero traction.

Another one was a Impala stopping in front of me as we came up to a red light where we were in the far right turning lane. Everything appeared normal until the woman driving let off the brake and cranked the wheel hard to the right and hit the snow bank.
Apparently she decided hitting the snow bank was smarter than hitting the stopped van in front of her.

Wondering how many Canadians and people from northern states switch to snow tires ?

Also how to people in provinces like Quebec feel about it being mandatory and if it's not where you live, how would you feel about being told you had to use snow tires?

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