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Originally Posted by Lonewolfe2015 View Post
This thread is an embarrassment, not only does it show how hockey deprived people are because right now we could be discussing how good these players actually are rather than were almost 8 months ago... but Eskimo is once again trying to but his pseudo-stats into this thread.
I don't see anything wrong Eskimo did/said. He's bringing facts into the discussion and has put up some key arguments in his perspective.

Guys, EJ played half the season injured. His numbers were 24+ minutes per night before that. EJ was used as the primary offensive defender for our team, letting our numerous defensive minded guys eat up the defensive time (SH, defensive zone starts, etc) just like Sacco did with McClement on the PK over O'Reilly.
Johnson had a decent 20 games to start the year in terms of TOI and point production, but that's too small a sample size to pick upon.

The Avs were shafted all season long in terms of PPs, how on earth can EJ be expected to put up better PP numbers when he doesn't get to get on the PP? Our entire team's scoring was down, our top scorer had 55 points. Tell me, how many defenders in the league are going to break 30 points on a team that can't have anyone over 55 points?
You are correct that the Avs were shafted in PP TOI. However he was 4th in ES pts amongst defenders on his own team.

BTW the 10-11 NY Rangers leading scorer was Brandon Dubinsky, and he had 54 points compared to O'Reilly's 55.Dan Girardi had 31 pts, Marc Staal had 29. Neither are considered offensive stalwarts.

I could go on and on, but people will pretend they know better because they are the greatest hockey minds ever and don't even need to watch the players to know how good they are. It's not even remotely possible EJ is better than someone on MY team because EJ is a #1 overall bust joke of a hockey player that wouldn't even make 2nd pairing on a contender!
Before I can anoint EJ as the next coming, I need to see results instead of injury excuses, coaching excuses, etc. After 5 yrs since entering the league, I just expect more from a guy who was a can't miss generational defenseman prospect at one point. And he has shown his dominant play in the WJC, but I haven't seen it in the NHL yet.

There is no way in hell am I ranking him ahead of a player who's been top pair for 5 yrs on a playoff team. And is just recently coming off of a season where he made the All-Star team as a shutdown defender while being 2nd in the NHL in minutes played.

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