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12-30-2012, 12:13 AM
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Originally Posted by KevyD View Post
Don't sugarcoat it, buddy. Tell it to us straight.
Seriously. If he bowed out when Skeete asked for a reduced AMF he could have said "this transaction doesn't work at a lower AMF figure. We needed every penny of what the city had agreed to in order to get within striking distance of breaking even. At a reduced fee we can not make the numbers work and will therefore have to withdraw from this transaction."

or if he decided to pursue the Devils he could have said "we have invested a great deal of time and resources in pursuing this transaction. While we still believe in the Phoenix market, the New Jersey opportunity is one we simply can not pass up."

or if either of the petition drives had worked he could have said "The result of the petition drive has made impossible for us to proceed with this transaction. Between the delay in closing the lease and the marketing effort we would have to undertake to both win the election and then rebuild our relationship with the community it will simply make an already difficult task impossible."

Would any of those statements

have hurt his reputation? No he could have gotten the benefit of the doubt. Now only two things stand in the way of this deal closing.

1) Goldwater

2) his ability to write the check.

I have made about 358 different predictions on the fate of the Coyotes (or as the NHL would call it dozens not 100s) and I have been wrong on about 342 of them. So I am going to just sit back until the 31st and see if he shows up with the check. If he does lets see what Goldwater does.

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