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Originally Posted by WingedWheel1987 View Post
Corey Emmerton is the worst Mursak we have.

We simply do not know what Mursak is capable of on the NHL level.

There is no potential upside by bringing back Sammy and Bert. You know what you are getting, but you also know what you arent getting. At this point, going with the unknown makes more sense than bringing back players like Bert and Sammy. Ken Holland has become far too conservative and refuses to play the kids anymore. Brendan Smith got burned because of this, and instead of him having his rookie year last year, he is now going to have it this year with almost no training camp and no Lidstrom to help him out.

Bob has accurately described the situation Kindl will eventually be in. Quincey 2.0

He made his fair share of mistakes last season and i complained about it, but bringing in CC and basically making Kindl the 7th dman again is a complete waste. You really think CC is going to be the 7th man? That has Kindl written all over it.

We have a billion prospects, but dont know if any of them are good enough to play at the NHL level because they arent being given a chance. This is only going to get worse, and the Wings are going to lose talent because of it.
We dont have the next Datsyuk or Z and Lidstrom waiting to take over the team like we did last time when the Yzerman era finally came to an end. Wings are in a transitional period, but with nobody waiting to take the baton. Playing your prospects is the only way you can figure out if you have anybody who can fill that role.
Emmerton being a bad player doesn't make Mursak any better.

The down side of Sammy is 40 points. The upside is 55. You have a pretty good idea of what you are going to get, he has proven it year after year.

You are already going to write off Kindl? So much for letting the young guys play. But just another example of you talking out of both sides of your mouth to say Holland is doing something wrong. One post you are saying let the kids play the next you want to cut them after 100 NHL games. Give him a year or two he could be a good 4th dman. But he will have to EARN it.

If a prospect isn't good enough at a lower level they clearly are not good enough at the highest level. If they can't play well enough at the lower level throwing them in the NHL isn't going to make them any better.

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