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12-30-2012, 02:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Bleach Clean View Post
Nope, nothing to do with your video... He looked too passive earlier on. Still played smart, but held back. Now it seems he's fully back from his shoulder injury, although I missed this game so I will have to take your word for it.

I'm curious to see how Gaunce's size will translate to the NHL. He's as wide as he is big, so I'm hopeful he will still be a physical stand-out in the pros, like he is in the OHL. If it does, it could mean great things for him and the team.
I only mentioned the video because that's when all the Pyatt comparisons started popping up. I think the passive-ness may also be due to the way their coach has them play usually. Belleville is known to be a strict defensive team, content with holding the lead with strong goaltending, dump and chase, and a very boring team to watch. These two games felt like outliers in terms of how they normally play. Maybe that's a result of M.Subban being gone and the coach having to adjust, I'm not sure. But they forechecked hard, were physical with both teams they faced and scored more goals then they are used to.

I definitely think he is physically ready for the NHL/AHL. In addition to the two hits I described, there was one instance where he was carrying the puck up ice, had an opposing forward draped all over him. He simply shrugged him off and the forward went spinning on the ice. While he might not be able to throw opponents like this at the pro level, i think he will be able to handle the rigors at the pro level with ease, but probably won't be known for these kind of hits. However, if it does, watch out!

I think his top speed is fine, led a few rushes tonight. Probably can still improve his acceleration. Maybe they have two for one power skating coupons, he can go with Archibald since its really worked for him. If Gaunce continues playing like this with some consistency, his skating is really the only thing that needs work.

Originally Posted by PRNuck View Post
Gaunce was first star two games in a row too btw

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