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12-30-2012, 01:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Bomber0104 View Post
No but maybe better next year! Or the year after?

And maybe we didn't pick Hamilton...maybe we pick the Nuge!
Did NUge get EDM into the playoffs last year?
We still would have drafted high. Which is argument #2 for the Anti BUrke argument.
Still 5th last last year.

So it kills both the KEssel deal and the 5th last arguments.

OK let's agree to disagree. I don;t need to get infracted for derailing another thread.

Great website in my opinion.

Great web develepors on staff.

And some world class writing

What more can you ask for?
That is awesome man!


I also feel the owners of the site have "sold out" shall we say in their PAYPAL links for donations and purchases of Fire Burke buttons. Once I get my Fire Burke business running, buttons and advertisements will obviously be for free since I don't want to profit off seeing my team make the right organizational move.

My Facebook page will incorporate similar features but ultimately take the cake in the sheer scathing denunciation of Burke...complete with a full analysis of how bad the Kessel trade was (which that site is lacking).

Man Im tired.

When is the game on?
Ya that site is definitly run by a bunch of "sellouts".

4:30 for the game.

Until then, I believe John Lennon said it best....

"Aaaaall we are saying is....

Give Burke a chance.."

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