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Originally Posted by Eternal Sunshine View Post
People still consider Brodeur to be "one of" the best. His stats (wins) indicate he is quite an amazing goalie. He benefitted from good teams, too. Doesn't mean he isn't in the mix for top goalies of all time.

*disclaimer* I don't think Brodeur is the GOAT or anything, just bringing up a similar situation. You can't ding a guy for being a part of a near dynasty - he was a key piece of it.
Yeah, one of the best but not more. I think most rank him behind Roy, Hasek, Sawchuk and so on.

Originally Posted by eva unit zero View Post
Lidstrom played on great teams with some great centers. So did Doug Harvey. So did Bobby Orr. So did Ray Bourque. So did Eddie Shore. So did Denis Potvin. So did Larry Robinson. So did Red Kelly; in fact, Kelly played on great teams with great centers and AS a great center! So is there anyone I've missed who does not fit that argument?
Lids played basically he's whole career behind great two way centers. Bourque has great players on he's team from time to time but didn't have the same support, often being the leading scorer on he's team.

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