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12-30-2012, 02:41 AM
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Originally Posted by charliolemieux View Post
Thank you. ANd yes they have little trade value. Even though Kadri screams NHL talent and Frattin has a better shot than 1/2 the guys in the NHL right now. Neither has done anything to make them the centre piece in a major deal.

Right now the only two young assets we have to move as part of a major deal are Rielly and Gardiner.

IF we want a real #1C (top 5-10 in the league like Sundin was) it is going to cost one of these guys.

And that is just the starting price. It will cost more.
I think our need for goaltending is much stronger.

I dont actually mind our offense, I think it's very playoff contention capable(by that I mean making the playoffs, not necessarily going deep) and has proven to be able to score.

Fix our goaltending(which is a huge need on a given team) allow time for our prospects to build value this year, then with the huge amount of capspace, go all in for a trade. By all in I mean, a 1st+Gardiner+ solid roster player(Kulemin)+ Prospect to net us a long-term #1 C. High price, but we are deep in defensive prospects, Have some solid guys to replace kulimen and that 1st shouldnt be high if we already have a #1 G.

I hope we have a good draft this year, as I would heavily consider trading the 2014 1st draft pick+ other things of high value this offseason to finally get a #1 C. Then replace those missing guys through free agency.

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