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Originally Posted by cleaver View Post
Adrian Peterson shreds his knee he misses no time and makes a run at the rushing record. John Wall, Arenas, or any Wizard has stiffness in their knee and they're never the same caliber of player.
It's sort of ridiculous to compare players based on how they respond to knee injuries. I mean, Peterson's having knee issues now from pushing the knee so hard this season. I wouldn't be surprised if he has a minor procedure once it's all done.

But knee injuries are tricky, it doesn't take much to tweak something. There's also a bit of a difference between making one cut and running in a straight line during segmented plays on a knee than there is playing in a sport which requires constant jumping.

Difference in the flow of an NFL game vs an NBA game, too. The movement in basketball is much more constant with no sitting on the sideline while your defense plays. Even when the offense is on the field, the sport is pretty stationary until a play is run.

Unless you're saying that Rose doesn't have the same type of drive as Peterson.

Also the whole "misses no time" thing is a bit misleading. Peterson got "lucky" enough to injure his knee right before the off-season and thus had that entire time period to recover. Arenas' and Wall's injuries either happened during the course of the full season or just before the season proper started.

We have no way of knowing if Wall is going to be the same player or not... because he's not stepped back on the court yet and I'd wager that at least 40% of Gilbert's problems stepping back onto the court are mental. Beyond the normal mental problems associated with trusting your knee, anyway.

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