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12-30-2012, 04:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Beezeral View Post
That is the worst attitude in the world. I can respect a ref who can admit he made a mistake and will do his best not to make it again. Your thought process is just begging of me to verbally berate you the rest of the game every time you make an iffy call
No it's the right one, it's what we are TOLD to do!

We are not there to earn your respect and make friends, we are there to control the game.

If you verbally berate me, you can sit for 10.

In certain situations you can admit when you are wrong, but ONLY on calls that are NOT judgement and if you are going to admit mistake you have to do it there and then not later in the game. Perfect examples of this are puck over the glass originally calling it or not calling it but then being told by a linesman that it was/wasn't, after calling too many men but it wasn't. And once when I was linesman the ref called a high stick to the face that drew blood but changed the call when I told him I was 110% sure the puck hit the player in the face not a stick. Linesmen can also admit when they've messed up an icing call by taking the faceoff to centre ice instead of the defensive zone.

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