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12-30-2012, 05:54 AM
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Originally Posted by SoundAndFury View Post
Do you know it or do you think you know it? Because with all due respect I would take Bobrovsky's words over yours. Maybe that's because he grew up in Novokuznetsk while you seemingly grew up in your fantasy world 5000 km away.
things are changing every year, he left in 2010, now is 2012. He never played MHL (dont count 1 game). He played RSL and moved directly to KHL in 2008.

Your words
Bobrovsky said in one of the interviews that he hadn't got a goalie coach until playing in the KHL
I dont know how it worked in RSL, I admit it was not good, was crap etc. I am sure NOW is another situation, every MHL/VHL/KHL team must have goalie coach, some of them hire Finns, Swedes, Czechs who work with KHL team but are responsible for MHL teams as well (not all clubs, example Minsk which I know for sure)

I dont say russian goalie coaches are the best goalie coaches in world. But to claim there is no goalie coaches is pure ignorance.

Try to find interview of Novokuznetsk goalie coach who commented Kostenko´s decision to move to NA. Club´s YT

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