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12-30-2012, 05:00 AM
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Originally Posted by LooksShootsScores View Post
With growing frustration about NHL 13's inaccuracies... I was going to consider playing EHM 2007.

I wouldn't mind playing it with some roster updates. I have been through 'The Blue Line' forum and downloaded it's roster update.. and it says it's good, but it doesn't seem to resonate when I play the game.

I do have it on trial-mode right now, is that the reason why? Anyone have any experience or can walk me through this process. I'm okay with purchasing the game, so long as I'm not spending 30+ dollars for old rosters...

Thanks everyone
If the rosters aren't working then you either
- didn't install them right.
- didn't select them when starting a new game.
- or didn't start a new game upon installing the rosters.

Not too sure if the trial version has anything to do with it, I doubt it does but i haven't played with just the trial since the game came out.

In any case the updated rosters do work on the fv when installed right.

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