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12-30-2012, 05:02 AM
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Originally Posted by broadwayblue View Post
Pretty sure the last lockout half season ended on the 11th and they got 48 games in.
No. We discussed this a few days ago. The NHL wants an actual CBA in writing this time. In 1995,the NHL and NHLPA reached an understanding on paper and they agreed to put the CBA in writing at a later time. The NHL didn't like how the 1995 CBA was written. It was too late for them to refuse to make a deal.

That's why the NHL sent the PA their vision of the CBA. They spent yesterday looking at every sentence in the NHL CBA proposal. Its a 300 page article.

In that case, the executive said, the players and owners need to reach a new agreement by Jan. 5 or 6. That would leave one week to complete enough of the legal paperwork for the lockout to end, another week for training camp and the season would start on Saturday, Jan. 19.

Remember NHL wants more than memorandum of understanding that was signed in '95. Guessing this 300-page proposal addresses that.

The PA will want changes so the lawyers will need time to hash out the revisions.

Camps open on the 12th. Season begins on the 19th. Agree to the terms in the deal in writing. Both sides ratify. Takes some time.

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