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12-30-2012, 05:08 AM
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LB's column today

Such a decrease represents a triple threat in the form of guaranteed double-digit escrow losses plus limited options for free agents and cap teams alike. The Rangers wouldn’t be anywhere close to being in the most difficult shape in the NHL, but Group II’s Ryan McDonagh, Derek Stepan and Carl Hagelin, all coming off Entry Level, would be boxed into one-year bridge deals awaiting arbitration, with eventual deals perhaps costing the Blueshirts more in the long run against the cap, and this with a potential 2014-15 offseason disaster looming. Lose/lose.

NHL proposal

Rules for Entry Level System, Salary Arbitration and Group 3 Unrestricted Free
Agency will remain unchanged.

Article 12 Salary Arbitration

12.1 Eligibility for Player or Club Election of Salary Arbitration.
(a) A Player is eligible for salary arbitration if the Player meets the
qualificat ions set forth in the following chart and in Section 12.1(b) below:
First SPC Signing Age
Minimum Level of Professional
Experience Required to be
Eligible for Salary Arbitration
18-20 4 years professional experience
21 3 years professional experience
22-23 2 years professional experience
24 and older 1 year professional experience
Stepan signed at 20. Needs 1 more year. McDonagh signed at 21. Hagelin signed at 22. Both of them are arb eligible. Its McD's 3rd year pro. Hagelin's 2nd.

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