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12-30-2012, 06:07 AM
William H Bonney
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Another disappointing game. Another game where the team is going to be kicking themselves saying "we should have won that game." Gibson has obviously been strong and the defense has been as well for the most part - save a few lapses in time, usually led by Seth Jones, which is a damn shame because if our most hyped defender played well these last two games the team would have stood much better odds of being 3-0 or had more points in the standing at least (although the offense is obviously still an issue).

Housley is proving himself inept. He shows zero urgency and in game management. What is he waiting for? Things aren't clicking. Try something new! I don't care if it's putting Galchenyuk with Bardreau and Jon Gillies playing right wing. He's coaching like a guy trying to ram a square peg into a round hole and he's still surprised it doesn't fit. Chemistry is still a problem but you don't have time to wait for it. It's not there currently, try and jump start it at least with something different. It's time to shorten the bench. Galchenyuk should be double shifted. Miller/Gaudreau/Grimaldi have been major disappointments so far. Neither have been 1/10th the player they normally show.

That said, and maybe I'm just a USA Hockey hopeful, but I'm not in the dumps about this team yet. They lost tight games to what I consider the team best teams in the tournament. If, IF, they beat Slovakia on Monday, they'll get a crossover game against a weaker opponent in my opinion. So if they can win two in a row (both winnable) then they'll be at least playing for the medal we all hoped for.

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