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12-30-2012, 07:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Estimated_Prophet View Post
Speaking just for myself, I think Galchenyuk has been very good and would acknowledge as much if he was Leaf or Bruin property.

Like I said earlier, there is a serious lack of hockey IQ and creativity on that team. It is only compounded by peewee style breakouts and structure. Galchenyuk is in a system that simply isn't conducive to enabling skilled players to carry the puck as there is almost no puck support and skaters are easily funnelled into traps.

The only knock on Galchenyuk is that he is deferring too much to his teammates instead of forcing the play. Unfortunately this is a short tournament and it sometimes takes a while for players to understand their respective roles on the team. It will be interesting to see if he takes things into his control with the tournament on the line against the Slovaks. In Sarnia he knows that he is the star player and when he acknowledges as much with this team I believe he will bring his play to another level.
See, I don't get your last paragraph. If the idea is to acknowledge that the system played or the players he play with totally annihilates the way he is supposed to play or can't show his elite talent, and I'm not saying you are wrong by the way, it is a good analysis....why would it against Slovakia? Why would you now expect him to "takes things into his control"? 'Cause the opposition is much weaker? Well for me, it's not a sign of a player shining when it counts the most even if that game will probably mean life or death for them. The real games to be played was to get some points against Russia and Canada. To actually not have to play the Slovakia game like if it was a gold medal game. Even if the Slovaks aren't slouch, everyboyd expects a team like the US to have more than 1 goal. But that doesn't make them suddenly a great offensive powerhouse. Wouldn't make Housley a great coach either. And bringing his play to another level....well you do hope it happens against the best of them. Like Subban did today. Not saying Subban needed to be incredible, US shots weren't that great. But he was at his best today. Gally being at his best against Germany and the Slovaks will not mean that he ended up playing a superb tournament. Unless he builds from this and has a terrific quarterfinal and so on. But because of how weak this US team is....I don't expect him to have a longer time than the quarterfinal game but we never know.....

By the way....this tournament is not the end of the world as far as what's next for this or that player. I do expect Dougie Hamilton to be a really good player for the Bruins and yet...he looks rather ordinairy. And everybody remembers that great thread on the main board about "Who's better than Justin Pogge"...and so on. So it is not always a sign of what's next.

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