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12-30-2012, 06:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Obryantj View Post
I believe a complete reboot would destroy the membership and activity of the game.

There are plenty of sports sims out there that are built around concepts like drafts, reboots and forced parity. I like those games as well, but this game does not need to change to fill a niche that is already filled.
I know. You prefer it the way it is now. Whoever wins in the first 3-4 seasons should win/compete for the top of the table for the next 10-15 seasons. I understand that you like that. I just don't understand why. It makes no ****ing sense.

And I'm not trying to create perfect parity. I just don't like it when a few teams who got lucky enough to win early can lockdown an entire country for an indefinite period of time. And it is an indefinite period of time. The only reason anyone moves up the standings is when someone else quits. That's ****ing ********.

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