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Originally Posted by Habs4TheCup View Post
I like your descriptions.

For the Habs, I would rank them and where they should be picked:

1. MacKinnon(1-2)
2. Lindholm(4-6)
3. Barkov(3-5)
4. Drouin(1-4)
5. Jones(1-2)

-Mac is a scoring center/winger than plays a tough game and should be a consistent 30 goal scorer. Montreal hasnt had someone like him in a long time. He has speed, grit, hands and a good shot.

-Lindholm is complete. He can do anything. PP, PK, play gritty, make plays and has good hands. A perfect 2nd line center behind Galchenyuk. I dont see him as an elite 1st line player but he can play there and excel in every situation. Maybe 75 points per season in his prime.

-Barkov is the most NHL ready of all of them. He is big, tough and skilled. I see a bit of Lindros in him. He would be a perfect center for te Habs but I dont see the highest offemsive upside in him. Maybe a 60 point player, 70 in his prime if he plays with other skilled player. He will probably be the one with the longest career but wont get the attention the others will since he is not flashy.

-Drouin. Hardcore Habs fans better listen to me. Drouin is a small, skilled winger. He wont solve all our problems. He is small. He will probably be the most successfull offensively but will be more of the same. More small weak players. I would take Mac, Barkov and Lindholm over him.

-Jones is a defenseman. I dont want to waste a high pick on him.
Yeah I have to rep you for this. This falls right into my thinking as well. Elias Lindholm to me is an amazing player. I don't see him outside the top 5, but you never know. Stranger things has happenned. If he does drop, then I want Montreal to move up and draft him or Sean Monahan which I feel people are underrating him.

I still believe Nathan Mackinnon will go number one, but a strong showing by Jonathan Droin can change that. Alexander Barkov should go top 3 or 4, he is the most NHL ready player in the draft. Great size, great hands, so so speed, but that isn't a big thing with this guy. Its his vision and scoring touch that is impressive.

Seth Jones had a bad game againt Canada, the two goals Canada scored Jones was directly responsable for with turnovers behind the net, but I still see this guy getting drafted top 5.

The big question is whether one or two of these players drop in the draft because teams draft for positional need, which happenned last draft when alot of teams drafted defenseman early and let some good forwards drop.

As to the size question, Montreal NEEDS to upgrade the middle with size. With the new CBA allowing a one time buyout, we all know Scott Gomez will be bought out this year. That frees up 7 million in cap, which means PK Subban is going to be signed soon. But that still leaves us with Tomas Plekanac, David Desharnais and you can probably add Louis Leblanc who are undersized centerman. Upgrading here is a positional need for the Habs.

And the possiblity of the Habs drafting Seth Jones, my question is why? We have 3 bluechip defenseman who are 1 year away from joining the club, all of them are top 4 caliber defenseman. Do we really need another one? Nathan Beaulieu may need another year of seasoning, but Jared Tinnordi is ready to move up and I would add in Morgan Ellis. We don't need Seth Jones nor should we waste a first round pick when this draft is so deep on prime forwards.

If I had a choice on who to draft, for me its Elias Lindholm. He has size, loads of skill, is a playmaker and can play on the PK. What more can you ask for. If I can't draft this guy then I am praying Sean Monahan drops low enough that Montreal can make a play on him.

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