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Originally Posted by Bleedred View Post
They said 4-6 weeks for Henrique, but it was said it could be 8 weeks. This was first week of December.

$6.5 million for Zajac is fine as long as we are not pushing right up at the ceiling. I'd say $6 million max is what he'd get though if I had to guess. It's been a LONG time since he's hit 60 points, and I think he can, but hopefully this will lower his value. Only 44 points in 10/11, but still good enough for 3rd on the team in points.

$4-$4.5 for Clarkson would be nice.

I'd be willing to pay Patty more than he's worth or at least more than what he'll be worth by the time the contract ends just like Marty. I'd say a slight cut for him at $5.5 for 2 years.

If I had my way Zubrus gets 2 years at $2 million. Maybe $2.5 tops. If we have to give him $3 let him walk. People have complained about what he's made since this contract was signed 5 years ago. I can't imagine what they'll be saying if he gets the same as he did last contract. Let him walk, and sign Poni if it takes that much to keep him. I love Zubrus, but he's an aging player. With a lower salary cap on top of a team in financial trouble it would be stupid to give him a lot of money. Imagine his physical game slowing down, and him being able to only score 8 goals a year like John Madden towards the end, and then tell me he deserves $3+ million. I can easily see that happening to him also.
4-4.5 for Clarkson but only 2 fro Zubrus? Clarkie had a big year last year but the guy he's still a 3rd liner with some PP time. Don't see him as a consistent 2nd liner. I didn't like the current contract for him but he did earn it this year. Regardless, my numbers for him would be more like 3.5-4 tops, especially considering the cap drop. So say 3 years and 11.25 mil (3.75 cap hit. Zubrus is getting older but really plays a multi purpose role and chips in offensively but I'm thinking something like 2 years for 6 mil or 3 years for 8. He shouldn't get much more than Poni got as UFA but Lou would show him some loyalty.

I think Elias at 2 years for 5.5 per is reasonable. He's slowing but will still produce and will still be in our top 6. Like Marty, I don't think he wants to go anywhere and those numbers are fair.

Zajac is in his prime years but I don't see him as a 6 mil + guy even if he is our top line center. I think he'll continue to be paired with Kovy on the #1 line and would like to lock him up with a 5 year deal averaging about 5.75 per.

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