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12-30-2012, 08:11 AM
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flex is really subjective

my favorite stick is the AK shaft still... I like that it doesn't have a flex point, but the 85 feels like a 75 and no matter how well I hit a clapper... it doesn't come off as good as my old trusty 85 ST

I also have a couple S17 100 flex pro-stocks and both feel much less than a 100 would... but I think its just cause you can really tell the stealth's lower kick point action much moreso than the Synergy/Mako's low/mid kickpoint

I do admit though, for wristers the AK is the most consistant.. just becuase I know i don't have to have a perfect weight transition to flex and fire it at a good velocity as compared to the S17 or ST... but it definately has much less power compared to the otehr two for claps

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