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12-30-2012, 08:36 AM
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Originally Posted by End of Line View Post
Regarding Kiper, in one ear and out the other. Dude just has an agenda. If you really want a great analysts look no further than Mike Mayock and the guy over at
I love Mayock's passion for the game, but I think Mayock has a very hard time separating himself from the prospects. Every single year he falls in love with a select few, and then rates them a lot higher than they really are. I can read 19 draft reports that say the same thing, and Mayock will always have one that's just completely different.

He did call Jay Cutler though. He touted the guy as the best QB in the class, and he is...which really isn't saying much. Odd that neither Leinart, Young, nor Cutler are on there respective teams anymore. Cutler probably would be if Denver didn't hire that **** in McDaniels.

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