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Early opinions :

Bottom-end material :

Gerry Cheevers
Lorne Chabot

Won't be considered for Top-8

Vladimir Dzurilla
Percy LeSueur
Roberto Luongo

Top-8 lock, if anything

Hap Holmes
Tom Barrasso

Safe Top-8 lock, possibly Top-4

Curtis Joseph
Alec Connell

It's about time

Ed Giacomin
Rogie Vachon

Liut and Kerr are interesting new entries. Kerr perhaps have the best individual seasons of all goalies available; however, disregarding LeSueur, that was with a VERY strong team, and possibly nobody amongst available players ever had such support, with the exception of Connell (26) and Cheevers having such benefit. The good thing with Kerr? I think he compares well (not necessarily favorably, though) to Broda (for the moment their careers overlapped, anyways). The bad thing? His time as a top goalie was sorta short. The neutral? Not a very good crop of goalies then, especially if you're like me and think Tiny Thompson and Turk Broda are/were (a bit) overrated (I think it was already taken in consideration in his initial ranking, however). Also, doing better than Andy Aitkenhead is still nothing special at this point. The not-so-cool? Losing (well, not really -- see Overpass's post, above) his starter job to a retiree who ended up being a very important part of a Stanley Cup run on a team that shouldn't really have been there to begin with.

Liut? Funny case -- Start with overachievers, end with underachievers. The overachieving team overachieves because of him. The underachieving team...? Well, he didn't "sank" them per se, but he (or his apparently weaker partners?!?!?!) are ultimately outplayed by opponents, or the whole team just ends up being overmatched for whatever reason.

(Anybody knows exactly what happened in 1986, and why Liut didn't play ALL the games? I mean -- he was on a roll; in the same wake, why wasn't he ALWAYS the go-to guy in the Whale, and why did he get traded for a terrible netminder?).

Liut looks great by the vs. backups metric. But, at first glance, his backups were either post-prime or simply terrible (outplaying Rick Heinz should not be taken in consideration unless we're looking at a Top-200 or something).

His career screams "better than Luongo", but... not MUCH more; Liut starts the round out of the Top-8 as far as I'm concerned.

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