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12-30-2012, 09:47 AM
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Originally Posted by GKJ View Post
If Columbus is put in the East, it's not going back, even if the move was said to be temporary. The proposal last year had a spot open for someone in the West to fill in a spot with one of the two eastern divisions. Columbus moving over would solidify that.
They really should've been in the east from the day they got the franchise. That central division is fine, but the conference they're in is the problem.

They might not have a choice, but Winnipeg was fine with being the only Canadian team in the Detroit-Chicago division. Colorado has a big Western Canada fanbase, so not sure why they'd had it so much. They're in no-man's land in terms of travel, so no scenario really suits them.
Winnipeg is the new kid on the block this time. They're not going to get a ton of say. They do want that division rivalry with Minnesota though, which was going to happen until Winnipeg got forced into the Smythe after the Rockies moved to NJ. I doubt Winnipeg wanted to have 2 division rivals two time zones away, even if one was Canadian.

If you could move Toronto back with Detroit and Chicago too, Winnipeg would be thrilled all around. Good luck with that.

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