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12-30-2012, 11:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Lost again to bring our record to 1-7-1. At this rate we're definitely getting moved back down a level.

Personally I have not scored a goal all year after scoring 21 last year. No idea.

Also on pace for -25.

In such a complete funk that it's making it hard to get excited about hockey.

I mean I can dangle and rush up the ice easier than ever before...and then I miss the net by several feet. Or hit the goalie right in the chest or glove over and over. And we don't get a single bounce go our way all year, literally no puck luck.


Oh yeah, also took a skate blade to the chest that somehow snuck under my shoulder pads.
I was worrying about this last night. I hate how guys do the donkey kick, i've never seen the point of it. Plus if you kick too high you get a nasty shot in someone's ribs.

I would try more snap or keeping your head up. From what I can tell if you're hitting the goalie square in the chest or in his glove, you're looking down too much. Maybe try to change the direction of the puck?

I know Alex Semin always used to hit the goalie in the chest, yet he looked up. He never changed the direction at all. Plus his wind up takes forever.

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