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Originally Posted by Gomer View Post
Soooooo... I went back on tried on a Supreme. By the time it was all said and done, I wound up in a 5.5D ONE.9. It felt pretty good. Close to the front of the boot but not tight at all. One of my heels was a little loose but as far as my experience goes, was on par or a little better than everything else I've worn. If anything they were a little tighter in the ankle then I like (pinching the Achilles a bit). I expect that if I buy them, that will settle down a bit.

So where I stand today... they are ordering a Vapor in a 5.5EE for me. I couldn't see dropping 4 bills on a new pair of skates without exploring my options. Though the Supremes felt pretty good.

My concern is:
1.The differences in the Vapors and Supremes. As I understand it the Vapor is more "aggressive" while the Supreme is more back on the heels. I've only been skating 3 years but I'm good enough that that surprises most people. But I have no idea what that means. As I understand it, the S12s I had were aggressive as well. Is it easy to adapt from one to the other. Again, I don't like the idea of a $400 experiment.

2. Is a junior Supreme the same quality/durability as a senior Supreme?

3. I can afford a jr ONE.9, but if I were in a sr, I'd only be buying the ONE.7. The jr ONE.7 is half as much as the jr ONE.9. Am I really getting 2X as much skate?
Me again. After sitting on the Vapors in a 5.5EE for a while and trying to convince myself I could somehow stretch the toe box (heat gun, expander, clamps, etc.) I talked some sense into myself and took them back.

Tried on the CCM U+ CL series and felt really good. Will probably pull the trigger on a pair of 12's.

One of the things I don't understand about skates is stiffness. As I understand it, rigidity helps with power transfer... and a skate that is broken down flexes too much and you lose that.

But then I hear that skates might be too stiff. And as you move up the line of skates, they get stiffer. So flex can mean a skate is breaking down... but apparently you need some flex in them. What's the difference between good flex and bad?

The Easton S12's I had had a really rigid quarter package. That never really bothered me... and ultimately it was the places they had built into the boot to let it give a little is where it failed. I didn't notice them getting less stiff, just more uncomfortable as I had to bind the laces down to get my foot to stay put in them.

So yeah... tell me about stiffness.


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