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12-30-2012, 01:00 PM
Johnny Engine
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Save percentages from tiny samples like that basically say that he lost those games. Considering that his Sv% from the 3 games he won were 1.000, .933, and 1.000, you should see how much these things can fluctuate. It would be interesting to see how many 7 game series you can find where a goalie's average Sv% in games they lost looks anything short of awful.

As far as "actively losing series", that reads like the worst kind of narrative-building. What my own eyes told me was that that Luongo often reminds me of the annoying AI goalies in EA NHL games - if they get down by 2 or three goals, they pretty much all but put a gun in their mouths and just stop trying to stop pucks. Whether he holds together and loses 4-1 or buckles and lets in 8, his teams still loses and does so as a team. But that's what I saw. What we should be looking at, is how does his playoff performance, in both winning and losing causes, stack up against say, Giacomin? If nobody looks at this before I get home, I'll take a look.

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