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Originally Posted by I am the Liquor View Post
Does Forsberg have the option to seek out and play for a different team in a different league? Please dont insult people by comparing a junior hockey player to slaves, who were hunted down with dogs and killed or maimed in horrific fashion for leaving their masters.

Ridiculous analogy is embarrassing.

So make trades? Trade what for what exactly? Trade your poor vets for more poor vets? Teams that are snubbed by top talent are usually poor to begin with, and if they cant build through the draft, then how are you supposed to get better?

Are the other gm's around the league morons prone to making poor deals? They are going to take your garbage in return for gems?

Fact is PG is the least desirable location in the entire league to play. Worst travel, small, stinky town with multiple pulp mills isolated way up north with no other big city for hundreds of miles in every direction.

Your understanding of the situation is lacking. Big time.
I haven't seen many players switch leagues in the CHL, not sure if there is a rule against it or if it's an under the table type of thing.

sure slavery is a strong word but the situation is closer to that in principle than a free market so skip the personal comments.

Like I asked before how would you feel if you had been drafted and sent to anywhere in your profession at the age of 15?

I fully understand the situation as well, for the longest time players have been bullied by comments and feelings like yours to play anywhere, now that some are choosing more control over their life there is a backlash.

Prince George can easily trade him for decent value and then go ahead and make the situation in PG better for players to coem there.

It's not exactly a whose who list of recent drafted players in PG from the NHL is there?

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