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12-30-2012, 01:19 PM
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Originally Posted by drivesrf View Post
Looking for some advice/tips. I'm a beginner never played a real game with refs, time clock, etc, just open hockey. A friend and I just joined a team of guys whom we have not yet met that have been playing together for a while. Can anyone offer some tips for us??
Skate hard. Take short shifts (1 minute is too long).

Don't lock into only looking at your friend to/for passing. Don't get frustrated if it seems like they don't see you out there either. They'll take some time to figure you out.

Do your best to learn names.

Talk on the ice. And that doesn't just mean calling for the puck. Let a teammate know when they have a man hot on them... or when they can take their time getting up the ice. If you play forward and you see a D man breaking deeper into the zone, tell them you have them covered. And cover them up high.

Don't do stupid things with the officials. If you don't like the call, don't chirp about it. They do and will hold a grudge that will affect your team.

Bring some beer/cookies/whatever for after the game.

Make smart line changes. Don't head to the bench when they are skating into your zone. If you've been out there for 40 seconds, and there's a faceoff in your zone, get off the ice.

Don't lollygag when you are headed to the bench. Even if there's a stoppage. The officials will drop the puck when they are ready, not when the fresh guy is. That's a huge pain for the centers because they can't get comfortable for the faceoff. If play is ongoing when you change, make some noise as you are headed over. A name if you know it, or the position if not.

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