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12-30-2012, 01:20 PM
Veni Vidi Toga
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I like how they call them transition rules instead of another method for clawing back hundred of millions from the players. This cap transition and compliance buy-out is going to play havoc on team building and contracts. It will probably look a lot like the housing bubble crash in terms of the salary and contract dumping market? And it might cost the players more money than any other part of the cba?

A $70mil cap next year but all the compliance buy-outs come out of the player share that year. And then a drop to $60 mil? What, no linkage?

Maybe this couple years of chaos is what Bettman is thinking he can do to stir up excitement this time in lieu of all the big changes and a thank you fans painted on the ice like last time?

They locked out the players last time and forced 57% on them at gun point, and now even though the players accept getting to 50%, the league is going to force all those "transition" costs on the players? They take 0 responsibility for their actions? Not only is that counter to what any reasonable person would conclude for any other industry with record revenues and profits as the fairest compromise going forward, but it needlessly plays havoc with team building and contracts for 2 years. Had we also added in the ridiculously foolish re-alignment they half-heartedly proposed before, the league could've been a real circus for 2 years. GB Barnum's greatest show on earth, step right up and get yer tickets.

For the players, id give in on cba length. The cap space advantage recapture makes so much sense i cant believe they didnt already have it, and having it should make the whole point of needing to put limits on contract length moot. Accept the term and variance compromises given, and then die on the transition rules hill. As a fan, i'd think we'd all want to avoid that precipitous, havoc creating cap drop.

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