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Originally Posted by do0glas View Post
So I found out my pro shop does a custom radius. I usually just go 1/2" but I've been wanting to try a more forward leaning cut. Any recommendations?
Isn't 1/2" a hollow radius not a profile radius?

The radius of hollow cut doesn't affect lean. If affects bite and glide.

3/8" < 1/2" < 5/8"

The smaller the fraction, the greater the bite and lesser the glide.
The larger the fraction, the greater the glide and lesser the bite.

More bite = more stability in turns and "cut" into the ice when pushing off. More glide = less stability in turn and less resistance to going forward.

You can learn to skate on a progressively shallower (larger fraction) ROH which will ultimately allow you to skate faster/ use less energy to get up and down the ice.

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