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Another candidate: The day the Texans scored half as many points as they had yards...and won. As an expansion team. To a playoff team.

Week 14 2002 - Houston Texans @ Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Steelers had 422 yards of offense to Houston's 47.
24 first downs to Houston's 3.
Tommy Maddox had 325 yards passing to David Carr's 33.

Houston won...and it wasn't close. 24-3.

Oh, Tommy Boy...3 plays went right from his hands into his own endzone, two pick-sixes and an inexplicable fumble with no one anywhere near him.

47 yards of offense. The lowest amount by a winning team in NFL history, and a number I don't expect to be challenged anytime soon. Even in that mud field condition against the Dolphins in 2007 the Steelers were able to put together 216 yards (Miami even had 159).

The Steelers had lost only 1 of their previous 8 games on top of it. I've never been so perplexed in my life.

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