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12-30-2012, 01:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Skating Tripods View Post
Was at yesterday's game. Few thoughts:

Bordeleau is an embarrassment. He and Stortini were jawing at each other for a good 3-4 clock minutes before they got on the ice together. Then, they line up next to each other, with both players going back and forth. Bordeleau backs away. After a quick whistle, they line up again and the crowd starts to buzz. Bordeleau again chooses not to drop with Stortini and winds up fighting Hagel about 20 seconds later. He has three inches and 30 pounds on Hagel. Pretty bush league move. I hope Stortini lights him up next Saturday in Hamilton. Stortini definitely more his size and he refused to fight him.

Anyway, to the real hockey players:

Stefan Elliott and Tyson Barrie were outstanding last night. The shot discrepancy was due, in large part, to a lot of quality PP chances in the first two periods. The Monsters had 22 shots and four powerplays in the first IIRC. Barrie did what he wanted carrying the puck and Elliott looked like a much different player than he has in most of the games I've seen this season. Barrie has separated himself from Elliott as the better player this season, but it's good to see Elliott when he's playing with confidence.

Desjardins got no help at all from the team in front of him, though he was a rebound machine. That also accounts for some of the high shot total.

Brad Malone's a real glue guy for this team. He reminds me of a more talented, younger Matt Ford, who the Monsters had last season. High energy guy, relentless forechecker, with some skill mixed in. Pretty decent skater too. Could be a 4th line asset if the NHL ever resumes. Terrific little pass on the second Elliott goal.

I trolled the forum a little bit and saw you guys were interested in Beaupre being called up. Last night, he looked overmatched. Physically, he had some difficulty and he still appears to be adjusting to the speed of the game. You can see some promise and his hockey IQ seems to be pretty sound. He's clearly still transitioning to the better level of play.

Heard has some maturing to do. I've seen him throw a dangerous hit from behind in nearly every game he's played this season. Kid needs to learn to lay off when a player has his back to him. He got a boarding minor that could've been more. Kudos to him for fighting Tinordi, though. He held his own in that scrap despite the size disadvantage.

Not a whole lot to say about Pickard. He wasn't tested a whole lot. Made a couple of good stops when it was a 1-0 game. Made another real good save shortly after we made it 2-0. Other than that, Monsters were clearly the better team and played well in their own zone.

One of the better efforts I've seen. They're doing the same thing that they did last year. Very streaky team.
Thanks for the input, disappointing to hear about Heard and those types of hits. Hopefully it's just the speed of the game and him trying to make an impact, and not him being a dirty player.

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