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Read through the entire thread:

- Sure, Galchenyuk "needs" to play better, he whiffed on many shots, or didn't hit the net with his shots.

- He has points on 5 of 10 US goals. That certainly counts for something (i.e. counts for a lot).

- I read comments like: "If Gally is supposed to be great, he needs to score/create a play leading to a goal [regardless of how his team is playing]". These are the WJCs, and his last two games were against Russia and Canada. If he could take charge in that fashion ALONE then he would be a legendary player.

Seriously, his teammates CANNOT get him the puck. If he were a center, he would have the puck a lot more often and he could be a gamebreaker. But on the wing, he's reduced to waiting, and waiting, and waiting until someone passes him the puck (they often lose it before it comes to him). And even though he hasn't been at his best, he usually does something useful with it when he does have the puck.

I really think he's just frustrated at the moment/bored to death most of the time waiting for the puck while being open. AND YET, he hasn't resorted to taking on the entire opposing team by himself, and being a puckhog. He's still playing the team game, passing to open teammates and such. That's a sign of a good, disciplined player.

Edit: Oh, and by getting him the puck, I don't mean giving him the puck so he can be in possession for extended periods of time (even though I believe he truly excels at the possession game and it would be in the US team's best interest to let him gain the zone). I just mean getting it to him while he's in position so he can get a good shot away or make another quick pass, all of which would happen if he were being centered by someone with decent vision.

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