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Originally Posted by eyeball11 View Post
When people refuse to acknowledge the acquisition of many 1st rounders and refuse to acknowledge Kessel in the Kessel deal and blow sunshine up their touted #9's posterior while putting down Reilly, what more do you need explained? Would you prefer it in French? Perhaps if I give it to you in Gaelic that would help? Admitedly, I only know so many languages but whatever I can do to help.
Originally Posted by hotpaws View Post
He's aquired exactly 2 late first round picks and they came at a cost . For someone who canstantly complains about people ignoring Kessel in the Kessel trade you always seem to ignore what we actually traded to get those 2 first round picks .

It's also shocking the same people that were slagging Hamilton as an overated prospect who has proven nothing at the NHL level have to no problem projecting Reilly as a superstar . People like me who criticize the Kessel deal arn't knocking Reilly but saying the exact same thing about him that we're saying about Hamilton . Unfortunatly saying he's an elite prospect isn't good enough with the Burke supporters who need to cling to anything they can to support the guy . For guys like you we have to say Reilly's not only a lock for the hall of fame but also that Burke stole him and it was shock that we could have drafted an elite prospect in a good draft with the 5th overall pick .
Originally Posted by eyeball11 View Post
How many 1st round prospects has he acquired or high 1st round players?

Glad to see that as usual, you (and your type) have to resort to creating arguments that have never been made to try and make a point. You (and your type) use the same arguments when discussing Burke and others. Easy to make an argument when you make things up and hold people responsible for what only you yourself have said.
I'm not the one who's creating arguments that never existed to try to make a point .

The highest former 1st round prospect or pick for that matter that he has aquired was picked in the mid teens and not one of them is worth a damn outside of Gardiner .

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