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12-30-2012, 02:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Habs4TheCup View Post
Everyone is basing it on potential. These players have the POTENTIAL to be top 4 D or top 6 forwards. Whether they reach it or not is a different question. I would like to see you predict who busts. If you can, you are better than every scout in the NHL.
Lol I'm not saying I'm better than every scout but it seems around here in general that a B or C tier prospect like say...even Jankowski will receive a 40-50 point player expectation. Then every guy with better than average talent is a lock to score 70 points or more. People use 70 as a safe expectation but really they believe it's something like 90. I'm not saying all of these expectations are wrong. But most prospects don't make it to the big leagues. Even ones we thought were gonna be amazing don't always fizzle out. Some don't even hit a type of production that says at least we got SOMETHING out of drafting him (25-30 points). I couldn't tell you guaranteed which ones they are because I'm not a scout and I can't see the future. I could tell you which ones I think MIGHT not be much, but I'd tell you with the presumption that I could very well be wrong...something that even scouts end up being by the way.

It really is a bit funny how ******** some people can be that I share my opinions, expectations, and impressions of prospects pre and post draft on a subforum dedicated to such discussion. I just came in here trying to encourage keeping the discussion realistic. Any I get that some of these guys might hit 50 or even more. But after seeing the same number over and over you gotta end up wondering, so which of these guys ISN'T going to hit that number?

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