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Originally Posted by TheBunk View Post
Got to disagree with you ps241 and Flying High. And one day I may eat my words but I'm fine with that, but I see him finishing his post-secondary. As for turning down 550k to go to school? That's a no brainer in my part. He'll 39 years old and retired from his career. You have to think of the end game and where you'll be sitting at 65. Education will broaden his options. As much as I want to see him on our blue line, I think he's staying put. As for his interview, I have also seen others where he said he consulted with his family and the best options was schooling.
Just after the 3:00 mark

For those lazy the loose quote is:

I'll take it year by year. When I feel I'm ready to play I will.

I believe the "best option" thing is in regards to Michigan vs Kitchener... I've seen more than just this where he said he would come when called.
I say either 2014-15 or 2015-2016, depending on a few variables, is all but sure.

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