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Originally Posted by Bomber0104 View Post
I spelled out in full what I want: meaningful results

That means making the playoffs. It isnt hard to do. Over half the league does it. One of the easiest formatted leagues in all of sports for post-season.

And if being above average is unattainable, get prospects in our system that will for certain make a difference down the road.

Borrowing this from another thread showing probability of top6 forward top4 defence draft odds:

Probability by 5 pick "blocks"

BlockAvg % 
1 to 584 
6 to 1042 
11 to 1542 
16 to 2030 
21 to 2536 
26 to 3024 

Clearly late round picks are not meaningful and no where near as good as lottery picks.

Maybe Brian Burke needs to see this.

In conclusion, either win or get a lottery pick. I'm sick of this middle of the road ******** Burke has dragged us through
So are LA and Boston rules to be followed or exceptions?

We have a lottery pick from 3 of the last 7 drafts. You're only going to get so many.

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