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Originally Posted by no1b4me View Post
Well, look at teams like the Rangers and Flyers for example. Dolan and Snider want to win the cup. If they are handcuffed by trades they made in the past and those players are sent to the minors or retire on their new teams the Flyers and Rangers are on the hook. They have to put the players salary under thier cap which hurts their chances of winning since their own roster has to be trimmed.

Originally Posted by no1b4me View Post
That is something some people don't get though. For some owners it isn't really about making money first. Katz(Rexall) and David Thomson(richest canadian) are examples of being fans. It's about ego's much like it is for buyers of cars in the Barrett-Jackson auctions. They don't do it for the money.
Of course they do it for the money! Why do you think that the NHL is looking for salary concessions from the players (among other things)? Why do you think NYR, Philly, TML, etc all agreed to a cap last time around?

Yes there are a few owners who might not be doing it solely for money, but the vast majority of owners are. Thompson and Katz are NOT those guys. Thompson (or rather Chipman) has said several times that they will not spend like a big club, and that the Jets has to be run as a business - aka they're not spending money on a shiny toy just to win. Katz, if he cared so much wouldn't be trying to string another few million out of Edmonton over the new arena.

They may say they're fans first, but their actions say otherwise. The only owners that comes to mind (and we'll still have to wait and see how long that continues) are Burkle (Penguins), Pegula (Sabres) and Wang (Islanders). And I'm not even sure Pittsburgh qualifies due to the insane talent they're spending the money on (they'd have to be completely stupid to not spend some money), and now with the new rink, it's not really the issue it was 3-4 years ago. Wang had to ride out the lease (every single Islanders fan had better be thanking him dearly for that), however things should be getting better there in the near future.

But the point is that while these guys say they're fans (and no one really buys a team to get rich), these guys for the vast majority run these teams as businesses. So when it comes to collective bargaining, they negotiate a deal that gives them the best chance to make money - regardless if that handicaps them on the ice. Or maybe they were selfless (because they're fans first ) and decided that the health of the league was more important then them winning a championship.

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