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Originally Posted by That View Post
You can blame it on his line mates or coaching, but at the end of the day Galchenyuk has to play better.

In Sarnia when they need a goal Galchenyuk takes charge, he hasn't done that yet.
In Sarnia, they know to get the puck to Alex, and it's not every game that he pulls a rabbit out the hat. Small sample here, with limited opportunities.

Originally Posted by Marc the Habs Fan View Post
But I am not too crushed, at the very least it's proof he should NOT be in the NHL this year.
Oh goodness..

Originally Posted by Agnostic View Post
So, the numerous misplays and fanning on the puck today were connected to the coach and teammates
in what way?
Numerous misplays? I'd love for you to expand on that statement. So now a puck bouncing over his stick, only for him to coral it and get it to the net, is to be held against him in such a negative light? It's him that allowed for all those chances at the end there.

Originally Posted by PricePkPatch View Post
I thought a player following his coach's gameplan was a good thing?

He was playing on the wing and playing as we asked of him. Had he been assigned a center position, he probably would have had more opportunity to be creative; but that wasn't the case.

Galchenyuk isn't a loose cannon cowboy who starts trying to pull crazy **** and play his own game when he is frustrated. For Junior level, that might be a bad thing (ex: this tournament). For a pro, it might be a good thing.

But I might be talkin' outa my ass. Just happy he is team USA's #1 scorer.
This is much truer than you think.
Originally Posted by Agnostic View Post
This game was watched through the Galchenyuk lense, there wasn't much difference between the teams it came down to a gem by Subban. Could have gone either way . As for the USA they will beat the Slovaks and will be completely back in the race.

Problem with the Internet bowmans is the already inflated expectations they themselves place on a kid who needs to develop no differently than anyone else.
I wonder what lens you were watching this through if you think there wasn't much difference here? Canada outplayed them and if not for Gibson, would have won bigger.

Although Galchenyuk hasn't been at his absolute best, his ability is there to be seen. USA hasn't been able to take advantage of it for whatever reasons, but I for one, am not disappointed in the slightest by his play thus far.

Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
I read this entire thread and here's the summary:

Galchenyuk is God and the rest of the US team, including coaching staff, sticks.

Can't help but wonder what would be said if Galchenyuk was drafted by, let's say... Toronto. I'm sure there's no Habs' bias here, right?
Because having no bias means we should lie to ourselves?

Plain as day who the best forward for USA is, and how inept the forwards surrounding him have been. Jones, Ghost, and Reilly as well.
Originally Posted by jedimyrmidon View Post
Good points all.

During that last 6 on 4 PP, Galchenyuk was very good. Sure, he could have tied the game had the puck not hopped over his stick, but A) he was in an excellent position and B) even if he didn't get a true shot off, his immediate reaction upon controlling the puck (note: he didn't fan and then lose the puck) was to chuck it in front of the net where chaos ensued (note: the puck made it to the net! it didn't get blocked/intercepted by the many players in front [except Subban]). I'm fine with that.
A lot of people won't notice things such as this, because it doesn't suit their predisposed notions.

Reality is, most of the time, he ties the game there and is the hero. Point is, you can't get too high about the good days, or too low about the bad days. Read between the lines, and see the big picture. In re-watching the game, it's painful to see the muffed plays by his linemates, and turnovers/bad passes to Alex when he's open in a prime area.

Originally Posted by WeThreeKings View Post
I'd rather fly back home than play a shift of hockey with Kuraly. My god he's awful. When Galchenyuk was about to rush the puck through the Canadian D, he blindly skates through the lane and hits Galchenyuk.

What is wrong with him?
Oh man, I forgot about that play. So promising until..

Originally Posted by Roulin View Post
I've been impressed by Galchenyuk's vision and of course his strength. I don't think it's reasonable to expect any more from him in the offensive zone. He seems to be able to carry the puck from the sideboards to the slot at will. Elsewhere on the ice, I'd like to see him be more proactive in hunting down the puck. At times it seems like he could be moving his feet more.

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