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12-30-2012, 04:08 PM
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Originally Posted by james30 View Post
This response is mostly for Atomos2:

1. During this World Junior Tournament Hamilton has been playing a different role than last year. Last year Hamilton played with Gormley as the top offensive pairing. Murray and Harrington were the shut down pairing. This year with Murray's absence, Hamilton and Harrington are the shutdown pair. They have not been playing with Nuge/Scheifele/Huberdeau 5 on 5. Yes, Hamilton is getting powerplay time with the top unit.

2. Hamilton and Reilly should not be compared in style of play. Hamilton joins the rush. Reilly leads the rush. You used a comparison of a Crosby goal to show Reilly's ability as a scorer. Hamilton doesn't score a lot of points like that.

3. Hamilton is 6'5" 205lbs and still growing into his body. He has grown 4inches since he started in the OHL. Reilly is 6' give/or take an inch and 205 according to He may still be growing into his body.

4. Reilly is more comparable to Murphy.

5. All were first rounders. All will be playing in the NHL some day on their respective teams. And there roles will be different.
Everything other than the spelling of Rielly and the bold lettering I agree with. I wasn't comparing Rielly to Crosby as a scorer, just the fact he has pretty good hands. Passing and hockey IQ are more of his strong suits but I do agree with what you say.

Originally Posted by Benny FTW View Post
Neither Hamilton or Rielly really impressed me today.

Rielly just did absolutely nothing. I didn't see him make a good defensive or offensive play.

Hamilton was on the puck a lot more but didn't really do anything with it. His lack of physicality was really disapointing.
Rielly broke up a Galchenyuk rush. Hamilton saved a goal. Sometimes doing nothing can be really effective.

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