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Originally Posted by imaginary threats View Post
i do take time to explain, even if i have to make up some crap to convince them and i always make sure i use the phrase "in my opinion" or "from my position i saw..." to take away the perception of infallibility.

Refs will never change their mind on a judgement penalty, so it's stupid for the players to think they can get us to change our mind. If ref did admit he was wrong and change his mind, that might earn him the respect of one team but he will lose it from the other team who are going to be pissed off and say the usual "who is calling this game ref? You or them?" sometimes you might realise you may have made a dodgy call but you've blown the whistle now so it's too late, you can't change your mind. Either you make the dodgy call and one team hates you, or make the dodgy call then after the team complains then you change your mind and now most likely both teams hate you. Which is better?
getting the call RIGHT!

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