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Originally Posted by newfy View Post
They play vets because the griffins are a busniess as well and need to win games. Having a decent vet in there is much better for the team it isnt just about Detroit prospects getting all the playing time and developing even if the teams losing.

As "horrible" as you think Evans is, hes a physical vet and can protect the young players. Nicastro and Nedomlel will look worst then him full time in the AHL. Nedomlel will most likely start in the ECHL.

On your defense the only guy who is supposed play defense at a high level is Ouellet. Sproul, Almqvist, Nicastro, Nedomlel and Jensen are all needing work. And Who knows about Marchenko, the guy plays 11 mins a game and has barely been healthy, no one knows what he'll be like in North American pro hockey.

Dont hold your breath for them to not have a vet on their defense
Griffins are now 100% Red Wings controlled business. 10-year deal with full control. No more curtfrasers trying to win with veterans and doesn't even get to the playoffs.

Why should we waste our prospect development? The only-prospect-TOP6 is that on paper. But like it has been at Red Wing side since the lockout, the 7th defenceman has played 70 games on average. It doesn't mean that the 7th D veteran does not play. There will be injuries and games where we rest guys.

But the starting position should be that prospects will start, until something happens.

At 2013-14 season:
Nicastro 6'3 23
Jensen 6'1 23
Almqvist 5'11 22
Marchenko 6'2 21
Ouellet 6'1 20
Sproul 6'4 20
Nedomlel 6'5 20

When looking those player ages, it's not just juniors thrown to wolves. And many of them are already big and physical guys. If all of them would be small and physically weak like Billins, Almqvist, Pyett, Meech etc, then you surround them with big matured veterans. But our prospect core has so good size, that isn't inevitable anymore.

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