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12-30-2012, 04:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Ducks DVM View Post
You're missing a lot in the details. The NHLPA says they are close, but if you look at their last proposal they're worlds apart. NHL wanted 10% (had been 5%) yearly salary variance, NHLPA offered the lowest year at 25% the highest, which was actually a 75% variance - it allows for circumvention contracts over 8 years (Crosby's would still be legal). The NHL wants a 70M cap this year, then 60 next year, the NHLPA want the cap to NEVER go below 67.5M. That's a problem if revenues don't support that high a cap, but escrow would fix it as the players are only supposed to get 50% (or whatever%) of HRR, EXCEPT the NHLPA wants escrow capped at a low %, so it would result in the players getting a MUCH higher % (potentially 60-70% if league revenue tanks after the lockout). The NHLPA wants unlimited buyouts outside the player share of HRR so the teams who overspent this summer can just continue handing out front loaded contracts while the players they already overspent on still get paid and the players as a whole (again) get a higher than 50:50 share. The NHLPA also wants their share to never go under the amount they to last year, regardless of league economics.

Someone on the business boards did the math - the NHLPA offer in a best case scenario drops their % to 56.5% this year, and could take until year 5-6 to actually reach 50:50. And they want a 6 year CBA......
If the PA holds to wanting all of that (or even most of that) then they are a lot dumber than I ever thought they were. Most of that is for the benefit the small minority of highly paid players who get the big contracts. It will not benefit the vast majority of players and will potentially continue to hurt the league over all. In the mean time the blue collar guys are losing money they will never see again all to advance Don Fehr's legacy.

As nice as most of the players are, I cannot believe they are that ****ing stupid to follow the pied piper down a rat hole.

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