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12-30-2012, 05:14 PM
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As someone who just went through this in my first season:

1. Clear the puck. It sounds easy, but a lot of players don't realize when you are pinned in your zone, getting the puck out without icing it is a very underrated skill.

2. Play the boards. As a new player, putting the puck into open ice is probably your lowest percentage play. Use your boards, bank the puck...dump it even of you've already entered the zone. If you can make their D turn their backs to you by running on the boards you are playing smart.

3. Stay on the point on D! Sounds stupid, but I see wingers following the puck and it's frustrating. A lot of beer league teams are going to run their offense from the point unless they have shadowing that guy and letting the C and defense do their thing, you not only take away an easy shot but you set yourself up for either an intercepted pass or a clean breakout to start a rush.

4. Don't be afraid to shoot. But, pick your spots. Shooting into a crowd is a sure way to give up a break away...but with a semi open lane even the worst shot can turn into a goal.

5. Lastly. Crash the net! Beer league goalies give up rebounds, so if you think there will be a shot you should be rushing the net stick down.

Hope this helps some. Good luck and have fun!

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