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Originally Posted by Left Of The Dial View Post
My industry doesn't require parity among firms to survive, thus there is no reason for a draft.

However, the WHL needs a draft to disperse talent as fairly as possible. Ensuring competitive balance is crucial to the success of a sports league. They aren't using the draft just to **** with prospects.
I dunno about that logic and even if it were true it isn't achieving anywhere close to the desired results.

If the league wanted parity they would make trades for the teams to keep them competitive and balanced.

Teams are individual entities under an umbrella sure but even when they fail, ie go out of business or move does that affect the league that much?

The reason leagues have drafts is so that teams can have total control of a player and that the player doesn't have other legitimate options to play to pursue hockey at a higher level.

The history or organized professional sports is littered with that histroy and many junior teams have followed suit, NCAA college being a major exception.

Weird that NCAA div 1 hockey survives though without a draft.

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