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12-30-2012, 05:46 PM
Oilin Toronto
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All 4 players are fantastic players, and are going to be excellent for many years to come. However, at this point in time, the sheer numbers suggests that Landy doesn't belong in this conversation. The reason's given:
1) His scoring average is substantially lower than the other 3. As a matter of fact, the scoring average that RNH had as a rookie is closer to Tavares (who is considered the best of of the 4), than it is to Landy.
2) I know that many people are going to say that Landy brings so much more than just scoring to the team. Although that might be true, scoring is at a premium, and is the most valuable commodity. When an 18 year old rookie comes in and single handedly improves a team's power play from one of the worst to the top 5, one cannot argue with that. Also, Hall's intangibles such as compete level, hard work, and leadership level is something that most cannot appreciate unless you are an Oiler fan, and see him play day in and day out. That's the reason why many Oiler fans feel that it is Hall that's destined to be the Oilers captain when they have many worthy candidates. I guess what I'm trying to say is that each and every one of these players have that extra intangible that makes them special... not just Landy. That's why scoring is the way to separate them all.
3) I think RNH's potential is greater than all of the 4 players on this poll, simply because as a rookie, he has outscored JT, Hall and Landy. For those of you that didn't know, his points didn't come because he played with both Hall and Eberle as his linemates for the entire year.
4) IT's a fact that up until the New Year, RNH was averaging almost a pt/gm before he got injured. Upon returning from injury, you could tell that he was a little rusty. Otherwise his pts total would have been substantially higher.

In my opinion, it's too early to tell who has more potential, but one thing seems to be a fact, and that is that HF Boards is severely underrating a guy who was on pace to score more than 35 goals (HALL). All I've got to say is, for one player in this poll, a 35 goal campaign would be a career year.

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