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12-30-2012, 06:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Section32 View Post
As I was so pissfully ostracized when I said the Isle's were moving to Brooklyn so many months ago, I have remained off the boards.

I think a Mod should look up my history and acknowledge the unjustified crap I received.

Nevertheless, as hockey looks more like a 60% chance of starting, I feel it worthwhile to post again.

The Isle's should be good now, last year...the past 10 a Ranger's fan I hate my owner too, but I still do hold a surprisingly great amount of sympathy for you. Well, I did...

Now that you are playing in an arena less than a 12 min walking from my brother's place in Brooklyn, it is difficult to take. My hate for you will only grow stronger.

Just wise up, don't start mocking the Rangers now that you have a Brooklyn address. It takes much more than that. I am shocked this pitiful league allowed you to move into the Ranger's territory- and don't give me that ***** that Brooklyn is part of LI. WHEN?

I don't like it, but I am prepared to hate you more than ever.

To the Isles fans...just get a team first before you start popping off...this is the big City now, which I am certain most of you know nothing about.

Good luck...
Um.. the Rangers are the one who allowed them to move there.

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